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Meet the Ellipse Analytics Leadership Team

Ellipse Analytics and our analytic chemistry lab was founded out of necessity in 2016 to re-envision true product excellence using big data in the food space. We are a startup located in sunny Denver, Colorado, working to drive molecular marketing and to help brands with superior attributes and/or purity levels win in the marketplace.

Collectively our technical team includes over 97 years of professional experience in analytical chemistry, biochemistry, statistics, food safety & quality, and public health. Our sales and marketing team includes over 45 years of Fortune 500 proven sales and marketing success across the Consumer Product Good industry.

Kevin Hicks

Kevin Hicks

Chief Executive Officer
Todd Borgerson

Todd Borgerson

Chief Marketing Officer
Dr. Sean Callan

Dr. Sean Callan

Director of Operations and Quality

Join our team!

We are always looking to meet motivated, independent, analytical thinkers that jump in and lead project exploration with a heart of science and a mind of marketing prowess.

If you have a relentless focus of value creation and bias toward action…

  • If you are unfailingly data and metric driven…
  • If you enjoy solving problems and always have a creative solution ready without getting flustered…
  • If you think on your feet and when things change you roll with the punches…
  • If you pay attention to the tiniest details and nothing falls through the cracks on your watch…
  • If you communicate clearly in writing and on the phone…
  • If you can overcome any obstacle and dig out any answer necessary to complete a project…

We at Ellipse Analytics want to hear from you. We believe that every position is critical to the strategy and success of the organization, so if you take your role very seriously and are confident as the go-to thought partner when important decisions need to be made.

Keep in mind that Ellipse Analytics is a start-up and no task is “outside of your job description”. We are looking for team members to embrace the concept of “speeding tickets are preferable to parking tickets!”

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