Are you having trouble up

Are you having trouble keeping up with your lease renewals or locating unused space for employee move requests in your real estate portfolio? Is your desk covered in paper requests for light bulbs to be changed, broken locks on doors to be fixed or routine machine maintenance requests? If so, your company could benefit from using IWMS software tools.

You may be asking: “What is IWMS?”

Gartner, the leading technology research institute that evaluates and reports on software and technology markets, first coined the phrase “Integrated Workplace Management System “(IWMS) after nearly a decade of spotting the use of base data and technical assets in space management. Today, IWMS is uses a crucial tool that enables organization to sustain and optimize real estate, infrastructure and facilities portfolio. Key requirements of an “IWMS common database, advanced web services technologies and a system architecture that enabled user-defined workflow processes and customized portal interfaces.”

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