We look for the good stuff.

We offer product testing and evaluate product purity across the board:

-Nutrient analysis
-Antioxidant activity


We help you
eliminate the bad stuff.

We offer a broad range of product testing and evaluate
purity across an entire category. We test for the following:

-Banned substances
-Product contaminants
-Chemicals of concern

This is how we prove it.

Our innovative testing capabilities reach beyond a typical laboratory’s analytical request form. Working with our clients, we design a custom testing plan. Utilizing cutting edge scientific methods and data analysis we gather the evidence that will challenge assumptions and uncover the truth.

At Ellipse Analytics, we empower brands with the detailed knowledge of what is in products. Our benchmarking results reveal how a product performs against the rest of the category. This knowledge, supported by scientific data, enables companies to have verified claims and connect with customers through water-tight promises and compelling brand stories. Companies can also use this evidence to improve their products – to pivot formulations, create unique value differentiators, and capture category niches.

Now let’s tell everyone about it!

Ellipse Analytics’ benchmarking reveals how your product portfolio results perform against the rest of the industry.

We own data on contaminants and product attributes that no one else has. We can use this data to help you produce cleaner and more consistent products, thereby differentiating your brand from competitors.

Our benchmarked data will show you the truth about what’s in your products and provide you with a valuable perspective and insight into how you stack up against competitors. You will be empowered to use this data as a tool to understand your sourcing, quality, and brand risk tolerance.

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