Deb Hyman, MS

Senior Chemist

Deb Hyman, MS, has joined Ellipse Analytics as a Senior Chemist.  Prior to Ellipse, Deb was an analytical chemist for the biofuels industry, specializing in method development and instrumentation.  Deb has also worked in the fields of agricultural, environmental, and food chemistry.  Deb’s goal is to do good chemistry and help others appreciate the beauty of it.

Deb obtained her Master’s in Biochemistry.  In the wake of 9-11 and mailed anthrax attacks, the world needed a quick and easy way to detect toxins in the field.  Deb helped realize a biosensor that was able to be used by first responders to determine the nature of an unknown substance.

Currently, Deb enjoys all that Colorado has to offer.  She plays ice hockey and soccer and is a semi-retired rugby player.  Deb also enjoys skiing, hiking, and cycling.