Elysia Cohn

Senior Chemist

Elysia Cohn has joined Ellipse Analytics as a Senior Chemist. She is charged with expanding the flavor and taste analytics platform, given her extensive background in chemistry and experience with sensory and food science. Elysia comes to Ellipse from Impossible Foods, where she was able to combine her interest in chemistry with her curiosity about food flavors – a happy marriage she hopes to continue to enjoy at Ellipse, because what’s a marriage without chemistry, right? Being new to Colorado, Elysia can’t wait to do more alpine climbing and experience living in the snow!

Elysia possesses a Masters in Biochemistry from The University of California, Santa Barbara where she studied telomerase inhibitors and their potential as cancer treatments. From there, she moved to Silicon Valley to help develop medical diagnostic assays before moving to Impossible Foods. There she helped build the flavor team, created workflows, helped build company-wide analytical and sensory databases, and conducted large studies aiming to correlate analytical data to flavor attributes and product liking.