Tyler D’Spain

Senior Chemist/Technical Manager

Tyler D’Spain is a Senior Chemist and the Technical Manager of Ellipse Analytics. Prior to Ellipse, Tyler co-founded and served as the Technical Director of a marijuana testing laboratory. Having spent the last five years building an analytical lab from the ground up, Tyler brings a unique skill set to the team. He provides a wealth of knowledge in the field of analytical chemistry and laboratory operations. Tyler has a passion for problem-solving and is always seeking ways to improve laboratory processes.

Tyler graduated magna cum laude from Fort Lewis College with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. He was actively involved in both analytical, and synthetic organic chemistry research. His research has ranged from the development of paper-based sensors for the detection of biomolecules to the synthesis of natural product derivatives with potential therapeutic benefits. When he’s not in the lab, Tyler likes to spend his time outside, hiking, biking, and exploring in the beautiful Colorado mountains.