Sean Callan, PhD

Senior Vice President of Innovation and Operations

Sean Callan, PhD is the Senior Vice President of Innovation and Operations at Ellipse Analytics. Prior to joining Ellipse Analytics, he was a neuroscience researcher specializing in the intersection of psychology, chemistry, biology, and statistics. Callan completed his doctorate in Psychology with a major in behavioral and cognitive neuroscience with a minor in statistics. Following this, he worked as a postdoctoral fellow in the field of molecular neuroscience. He has taught both undergraduate or graduate level college courses at multiple universities on topics of statistics, neuroscience, and research design.

As a behavioral neuroscientist, Callan has conducted research looking at several factors that play a role in the physiological and psychological aspects of drug addiction and toxicology. In addition, Callan has worked extensively in the field of teratology – the study of birth defects resulting from exposure to industrial and household contaminants. One of his major goals of his published research is to understand the consequences of exposure to environmental toxins for infants, and to try and find ways to protect against these consequences. Sean can be found in his natural habitat jamming to 90s pop music.