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Ellipse Analytics

We use our unique data
and science to reduce
contaminants and increase
the purity of products
we use every day

Ellipse Analytics

We use our unique data

and science to reduce

contaminants and increase

the purity of products

we use every day

Knowledge is Power.

ELLIPSE ANALYTICS is an analytical chemistry laboratory and applied science solution provider. We are the foremost experts on category testing in the world. The breadth and depth of our analytical testing affords us a unique perspective on contaminant levels, nutritional benefits, and performance testing that no one else in the world possesses.

ELLIPSE ANALYTICS is ISO/ IEC 17025: 2017 accredited for analytical testing for the specific tests listed on our scope L2441.




This is how we prove it

Our innovative testing capabilities reach beyond a typical laboratory’s analytical request form. Working with our clients, we design a custom testing plan. Utilizing cutting edge scientific methods and data analysis, we gather the evidence that will challenge assumptions and uncover the truth.

At Ellipse Analytics, we empower brands with the detailed knowledge of what is in their products. Our bench-marked results reveal how a product performs against the rest of the category. This knowledge, supported by scientific data, enables companies to have verified claims and connect with customers through air-tight promises and compelling brand stories. Companies can also use this evidence to improve their products – to pivot formulations, create unique value differentiators, and capture category niches.


Now let's tell everyone about it

Ellipse Analytics’ bench-marking reveals how your product portfolio performs against the rest of the industry.

We own data on contaminants and product attributes that no one else has. We can use this data to help you produce cleaner and more consistent products, thereby further differentiating your brand from your competitors.

Our bench-marked data will show you the truth about what’s in your products and provide you with a valuable perspective and insight into how you stack up against competitors. You will be empowered to use this data as a tool to understand your sourcing, quality, and brand risk tolerance.


Emphasize the Good

We offer product testing and evaluate product purity across the board:

  • Nutrient analysis

  • Antioxidant activity

  • Vitamins


Eliminate the Bad

We offer a broad range of product testing and evaluate purity across an entire category. We test for the following:

  • Banned substances

  • Product contaminants

  • Chemicals of concern

  • Smoke taint

Lab Worker


Offering Product
Vulnerability Due Diligence

Through data and science, Ellipse Analytics helps investors make better due diligence decisions by evaluating product vulnerabilities and uncovering undervalued market leaders.

Side-step liability and identify undiscovered diamonds in the rough with Ellipse Analytics category testing.



Ellipse Analytics and our analytic chemistry lab was founded out of necessity in 2016 to re-envision true product excellence using big data in the food space. We are a startup located in sunny Denver, Colorado, working to drive molecular marketing and to help brands with superior attributes and/or purity levels win in the marketplace.

Collectively our technical team includes over 175 years of professional experience in analytical chemistry, biochemistry, statistics, food safety & quality, and public health. Our sales and marketing team includes over 75 years of Fortune 500 proven sales and marketing success across the Consumer Product Good industry.

Our Leadership Team


Senior Vice President of Innovation and Operations

Sean Callan, PhD is the Senior Vice President of Innovation and Operations at Ellipse Analytics. Prior to joining Ellipse Analytics, he was a neuroscience researcher specializing in the intersection of psychology, chemistry, biology, and statistics. Callan completed his doctorate in Psychology with a major in behavioral and cognitive neuroscience with a minor in statistics. Following this, he worked as a postdoctoral fellow in the field of molecular neuroscience. He has taught both undergraduate or graduate level college courses at multiple universities on topics of statistics, neuroscience, and research design.

As a behavioral neuroscientist, Callan has conducted research looking at several factors that play a role in the physiological and psychological aspects of drug addiction and toxicology. In addition, Callan has worked extensively in the field of teratology – the study of birth defects resulting from exposure to industrial and household contaminants. One of his major goals of his published research is to understand the consequences of exposure to environmental toxins for infants, and to try and find ways to protect against these consequences. Sean can be found in his natural habitat jamming to 90s pop music.


We are always looking to meet motivated, independent, analytical thinkers that jump in and lead project exploration with a heart of science and a mind of marketing prowess.

If you have a relentless focus of value creation and bias toward action…

  • If you are unfailingly data and metric driven…

  • If you enjoy solving problems and always have a creative solution ready without getting flustered…

  • If you think on your feet and when things change you roll with the punches…

  • If you pay attention to the tiniest details and nothing falls through the cracks on your watch…

  • If you communicate clearly in writing and on the phone…

  • If you can overcome any obstacle and dig out any answer necessary to complete a project…

We at Ellipse Analytics want to hear from you. We believe that every position is critical to the strategy and success of the organization, so if you take your role very seriously and are confident as the go-to thought partner when important decisions need to be made.

Keep in mind that Ellipse Analytics is a start-up and no task is “outside of your job description”. We are looking for team members to embrace the concept of “speeding tickets are preferable to parking tickets!”

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