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About Ellipse Analytics

Ellipse Analytics (EA) is the leading analytical chemistry lab in the world for full category testing and benchmarking delivering unparalleled category insights.

We have tested over 32 CPG categories representing over $400B in annual revenue and retain an internationally recognized consumer insights division.

EA’s Science and Methodology

EA is an ISO 17025 accredited lab and maintains scope accreditation for all methods used as a part of its litigation support activities. Moreover, as an analytical lab with a long history in the public eye, EA has developed processes to ensure it only reports actionable, valid results.

Full Category Testing and Benchmarking

Purity, Label Accuracy, Product Superiority

  • Benchmarking Toxicology, Expert Work, Standards Development, Category Management, Due diligence etc.

  • Measuring & benchmarking over 1,000 molecular level compounds across taste, aroma, purity, and labeling accuracy

  • Consumer Insights division interviewing > 50,000 respondents annually


Brand /Product Development and Innovation

Category expertise in Pharmaceuticals, Baby Food, Energy Drinks, Supplements, Alcohol Beverage, Premium Water, among others

  • Method Development

  • Category Benchmarking

  • Consumer Insights

  • White Space Analysis

  • Expert Recommendations


Expert Work & Market Validation

Truth in labeling, deceptive marketing, toxicology, root cause analysis, etc. has been validated by governmental agencies and more.

Select entities who have retained Ellipse or utilized Ellipse data:

  • Law firms: plaintiffs for cases across consumer protection and class action California prop 65 civil cases

  • National non-profits and major R1 research universities

  • State and federal government agencies

  • Investigative journalists of national syndicated new organizations

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