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Food and Drink

Flavor is a perception – an illusion – but data can identify the truth behind the illusion.

Ellipse Analytics has developed analytical methods to measure and develop data benchmarks of hundreds of molecular level flavor compounds across thousands of products – granting EA unprecedented understanding of why commercial products taste the way they do.


Our clients rely on our innovation services to:

  • Reverse engineer a desired flavor profile and reproduce that profile using the natural processes for the industry. In essence, we are able to tell our clients why their product doesn’t taste like they want it to taste, and what needs to be done to achieve their desired profile.

  • Unique formulation challenges – creating products that taste a specific way without following the usual steps to achieve the desired flavor.


Flavor Reverse Engineering

EA’s big data approach to flavor allows us to blend analytical chemistry with human psychology to understand why the category top performing tastes are favored above competitors.

  • We use this to empower our customers to achieve particular flavor outcomes by answering why the product tastes as it does, and how our partners can achieve a flavor profile that will win with consumers

  • This secures an ability for the product(s) to be successful in the marketplace.

  • Creating a competitive advantage for our partners

  • Delivering the precise flavors and concentrations optimized to the consumer need state

  • Removes “human error” from product formulation


Unique Flavor Challenges

EA’s flavor scientists have developed several solutions to unique flavor challenges faced by our partners. These solutions leverage our deep category insights into the flavor of specific products – enabling us to work around the limitations our client’s face.

  • EA assisted a client in developing a non-alcoholic “spirit” that tasted, smelled, and burned like full-proof spirits. In the process we developed our Chemesthetic Beverage patent – a non-alcoholic beverage chassis that allows for both the density of flavor and specific flavor markers found in full-proof beverages

  • EA worked with a pharmaceutical company to mask undesired flavors in a formulation

  • EA assisted a distillery in developing a desired oak flavor profile for a new bourbon launch


Case Study: Replica Wine

  • Replica’s award-winning winemakers use our proprietary methodology for diving deep into the taste and aroma profiles of each of their Replica Wines.

  • EA works with the Replica winemakers – providing high-level data insights that guide the natural winemaking process. Our data allows winemakers to produce wines that closely resemble a desired flavor profile – all while using only the vinicultural and viticultural techniques available to all commercial winemakers.

  • Our partnership with Replica was featured in Wired magazine and Popular Science magazine


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