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Meet The Team

Dr. Sean Callan, Ph.D.

Chief Science Officer

As CSO, Sean leads day-to-day strategic objectives for Ellipse across testing, data analytics, and innovation. Prior to joining Ellipse Analytics, he was a neuroscience researcher specializing in the intersection of psychology, chemistry, biology, and statistics. When he's not at work, Sean spends his time playing with his two dogs, who he likes more than most people. 


Dr. Chela Wallin, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist & Toxicologist

As Senior Scientist, Chela leads Consumer Insights, Data Analytics, Toxicology, and Research to inform innovation and category market projections. Outside of work, you can find Chela exploring the mountains with her Doberman and German Shepard--two of our favorite EA office dogs.

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Tyler Swaim,

Lab Technician

Tyler graduated from Colorado State University with his BS in Microbiology. Brewed professionally for 7 years at Grist and Rockyard Brewing Co. before making the switch to the analytical lab world. He enjoys playing sports, video games and spending time with his wife and daughter.


Brianna Raymes,

Vice President - Operations

Brianna Raymes is the Vice President - Operations. She completed her Master of Public Health with a concentration in Epidemiology and Global Health. Bri is especially passionate about public health, finding unique solutions to fit client needs, and collaborating with the EA team to help make data driven decisions.

When she’s not at the lab, Bri enjoys spending her time outside, skiing, attending concerts, and enjoying the beautiful mountains of Colorado. 

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Shane Smyth,

Applied Research Scientist

Shane obtained his Bachelor of Science with a focus in food science & product development from the University College of Dublin. Previously, Shane has developed products across a broad array of industries which include alcoholic beverages & fast-food products for multinational corporations. Outside of the lab, Shane can be found exploring the mountains of Colorado.

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Jordyn Probst,

Analyst I

Jordyn graduated from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington with a B.S. in Chemistry and minors in Chinese and Mathematics in 2020. Now back in her hometown, she's enjoying time with her three cats, drawing, watching anime, and the occasional bike ride. 

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